Pallas' Cat

The Red River Zoo welcomes our newest Pallas’ Cat: Sural

Red River Zoo welcomes new Pallas’ Cat from Japan

The Red River Zoo is pleased to announce the addition of a male Pallas’ Cat to their captive breeding program.

Pallas’ Cats are critically endangered and very difficult to raise in captivity. The Red River Zoo has had great success in breeding and raising this charismatic feline. To increase the chance of survival for this species, the Red River Zoo partners with the Association of Zoo’s and Aquariums Pallas’ Cat Species Survival Plan. (SSP)

The Red River Zoo imported this most recent Pallas’ Cat, Sural, from a Zoo in Japan with the intention of increasing genetic diversity within the captive population. The Red River Zoo is one of only 15 Zoos in North America that houses Pallas’ Cats. The Zoo hopes the addition of this animal will help ensure the long-term sustainability of the species.

Sural is on exhibit and can be viewed during Zoo hours, weekends 10am to 5pm.