Artist rendition of the new Targaryen Dragon Complex (not drawn to scale.) Credit: Erika Franck


Red River Zoo announces new Targaryen Dragon Complex

April 1, 2019 – Sally Jacobson, Executive Director, announced the kick off of a new fundraising campaign to construct the Targaryen Dragon Complex at the Red River Zoo.  The campaign kicks off on the heels of a large bequest left to the Zoo by Viserys Targaryen, owner of Targaryen Shipbuilding Company in Superior, WI.  “The Red River Zoo is known as a Zoo that focuses primarily on cold climate species,” said Jacobson. “However, Dragons are actually acclimated to climates of all sorts.”

The exhibit, planned for a 2021 opening, will require 10 acres of the Zoo’s approximately 30 acre footprint.  The exhibit will include a breeding facility and egg hatchery, although the Zoo has not yet finalized plans with the SSP (Species Survival Plan) for a breeding program.  “At this point, we are slated to receive three male dragons from the ancient city of Asshai ,” said Jacobson,  “But you really want to plan for the future, and the SSP for dragons strongly believes we’ll be able to continue the successes we’ve had with Bactrian Camels, Sichuan Takin, Chinese Red Pandas, and Pallas’ Cats.

The Targaryen bequest includes funding for the massive heat shields required to protect Zoo visitors from the sometimes temperamental dragons.  “Safety is always one of our primary concerns when constructing a new exhibit,” said Jacobson.

Although the Targaryen bequest includes $400 million of seed funding for the project, the Zoo will still need to raise an additional $200 million from donors and supporters.

Interested supporters and friends of the Zoo can donate directly to the Targaryen Dragon Complex fundraising drive by clicking the link below.

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