The Red River Zoo announces the birth of a female Bactrian Camel born Wednesday, April 2nd. The calf was born at approx. 12:30 pm with Zookeeper staff and zoo veterinarian Dr. Tom Colville present. General Curator, Erick Lamun and Dr. Colville assisted in delivering the calf. There were no complications and the calf was standing within an hour, and started nursing three hours later.

The Zoo also added a juvenile female camel, Amara (which is a Mongolian name meaning “peaceful”) earlier this Spring. This brings the Red River Zoo herd total to four- three females and one male. Bactrian Camels are critically endangered in the wild.

In addition to the new Bactrian Camel calf, the zoo is also proud to report the birth of a female North American Porcupine on March 30, 2014. The “porcupette” is healthy and eating solid food.

Four pygmy goats kids were also been born in early and mid April in the Children’s Zoo Farm.

With all of the new baby animals, the Red River Zoo will be holding a Baby Shower this weekend through May 31st. Visitors can see the new calf with her family in their exhibit, then stop by the Carousel Pavilion to see what baby animals need, and to vote on their favorite name for the new camel calf.