Eurasian Lynx
Wall of Honor

Add your name or the name of a loved one to our Eurasian Lynx wall of honor!  For a $50 donation to the Red River Zoo, we’ll add your name or message here.  Click here to order.  (Please include what you’d like us to place on the wall in the comments during checkout.)


In Memory of Hazel Moritz Scott

Tom & Natasha Neihart

In honor of Lexi, Gavin, Madison, Austin, and Rowen Lauwers

In Memory of Our Daughter, Alivia Lea Plutowski

Beth and Pat Ingram

Vaya Gabriel

Burton & Patricia Belknap

Tom Van Raden

In Memoriam

Vanessa Ouse Grindberg

Trevor and Bev Fuss

In Memory of Wayne Lauwers

Greg and Corian Clark

Jeremiah Gard & Ricky Greenwell

Verle Leach

Aden Keane

Tim & Amy Ryan

Jalen Burchill

In Memory of Max Stephen Walkin

Patricia Reavy

Barbara Headrick

Fletcher & Quinn Halley

Michelle Swanson

Cindy, Wendy, Becky, and Kevin

Michael & Roxee Jones

Paul & Michelle Breen

Dwight and Marge Frazer

The Zajac Family

In Memory of Lori Klier

The Rychener Family

Sullivan B. Michel and Diane L. Samuelson

Jim Letourneau

Julie Letourneau

Birgit Pruess

Debra Van Raden Johnson

Children’s Castle Childcare


Annika Owens

Allison, Tyler, Bennett, & Everett

Rex Hartland

Jessica and Aaron Lewis

Josef & Robin Miller

To NG from JM

John Harelson

To NG from JM

John Harelson

Carol Ann Schlatter

Joann Colville

Doris Hertsgaard

& Nico

Brody and Kenleigh

In memory of Donald C. Nelson, a great dad.