Pint Size Explorers

Pint Size Explorers are children ages 4-6 years old. Come explore the zoo and its animals during the colder months of the year! Kids will participate in a variety of activities, crafts, and hands-on animal encounters.


Program Fee:

Classes fill quickly, so early registration is required.

We offer a morning session OR afternoon session for each class.
Morning sessions runs from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.
Afternoon sessions run from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

Red River Zoo class fees are non-refundable. When possible we will work with you to accommodate changing your registration to another session if your explorer is unable to attend the class they’ve been signed up for.

All registrants must sign the Online Medical/Media Waivers.

Upcoming Classes

October 10 – Nothing to Fear

The animals that we will meet might seem scary at first— but once we learn about them we will know that there is nothing to fear. From bugs to snakes, these animals might seem a little different, so we will look at what makes us similar to them. We will meet many of these animals close up and design our own bug to take home.

November 14 – Find the Squirrel’s Treasure

With the weather starting to get colder, squirrels and other animals will begin hiding food to prepare for the winter. This food helps them survive, and also helps new plants and trees grow in the spring. One squirrel has hidden treasure around the zoo, we will work together to find clues to figure out where it has been hidden.

December 12 – Animal Gifts

With many holidays coming up there is sure to be a lot of gift giving going around. During this class we will create gifts for our animals and deliver the gifts specially for them. We will also look at what gifts animals give us. From the Farm to the Forest- animals provide us with many services to help us survive.

January 9 – Tundra Fun

Many animals here at the Red River Zoo enjoy the cold weather, but how do they survive in the wild during freezing conditions? From hibernation to hunting in the snow, there are many adaptations that these animals can use! We will look at some of the coldest regions around the world and see the animals that live there. We will even take home your own arctic camouflage craft.

February 13 – Follow the Pack (Year of the Dog)

Happy New Year! 2018 is the year of the dog! We will celebrate with their relatives here at the zoo, the Gray Wolves. Let’s learn how they interact as a pack, how they hunt, and how they are similar to our pet dogs at home. We will be making a glow in the dark wolf-themed craft to celebrate the year of the dog wherever you go!

March 13 – The Scoop on Poop

Eww! Poop? Learn about why it’s important, how zookeepers can learn from it to take care of our animals, and how we clean up after our animals. After all, they don’t use toilets! With activities, tours, and examples this day will be filled with surprises. We will be creating our own special slime to commemorate our manure-filled day.

April 10 – Blooms and Cocoons

Spring has sprung and there are many animals that are helping the flowers bloom, and many plants that are helping animals stay safe. Come with us to explore outdoor sections of the zoo to see if we can find interesting creatures out in nature. After our “bug hunt” we will look at animal lifecycles and how some animals will drastically change— like caterpillars to butterflies or tadpoles to frogs!